unsound is wagga space program's experimental arts and sound festival

unsound04 will be the fourth year of the festival and its presentation in the wagga wagga area. like unsound03 this year's festival is being curated by sarah last and will be held during the second weekend of november 2004 (12-13-14.11.04).

the programming of unsound events is in keeping with wagga space program's philosophy that our arts practice is enhanced by the physical and philosophical spaces enabled by our regional location. through the festival we aim to provide opportunities for emerging and established rural and metropolitan based artists and audiences to network, exchange ideas and to engage in critical dialogue.

at the unsound festival regionally based artists and audiences are able to access a range of experimental sound/new media arts practices through presentation of experimental sound/new media art in live performances, exhibitions and forums in spaces such as farmed land, shearing sheds, historical sites, natural habitats and structured environments that are unique to wagga and its surrounding regions and townships

integral to this year's unsound is the mutable landscapes residency project funded by festivals australia, as part of which seven wagga space program artists are collaborating with seven visiting artists during september and october on site-specific projects which will be exhibited/installed at the sites for viewing during the festival weekend. participating visiting artists include : michael graeve, lawrence english, alan lamb and oren ambarchi

some of the evolving dialogues taking place between the artists are online at mutable.space-program.org

listen to fenella kernebone talking with victoria kerrigan about wagga space program, the experimental sound scene in wagga, unsound04 and mutable landscapes on abc radio national's the deep end (29.10.04) real media | wmp