i live in a town that people call a city but it’s mostly a town. my practice has been practiced inside my head = projection of images and interconnectivity of (performance) space = text/ image/ body = it meanders in & out of an alternate reality = once upon a time in a land far far away worlds and philosophies collided and then god made ‘art’.

my practice has curiously investigated historical philosophical metaphysical referencing awaiting the moment of realisation to crystalise, these texts and personal investigation into a contemporary experimentation of form/non function and placement on the fraying edges of a structural paradigm. once in a while other people saw things that came from this process and reacted, creating a responsive sense of objectification and i like this = a process of discovery and aesthetic rhythm = an obsession with how this thing called ‘human’ operates and reacts/ responds/ creates and transcends and the beauty in this. it’s slow and develops to its own rhythm/ pace/ the idea of investing in the pleasure of conceptual development = leading into physical.

mutable landscapes artist statement