lawrence english is writer, composer and media artist based in brisbane, australia. working across a broad range of art forms, english’s work is eclectic and characterises a long-term exploration of various themes – most recently audio/visual environments seen in his work ghost towns. a sonic shape-shifter, english’s audio works have sprawled over a range of areas. interested in the potential of seemingly unrelated music and sound elements – from experimental soundscapes and free improvisation to processed beat works and concréte-influenced compositions – his back catalogue spans a dynamic range of frameworks. london’s time out referred to his output as ‘ambient twisted soundscapes and challenging sonic scree’. ghost towns, his latest composed work and mixed media installation, seeks to create an abstract ‘virtual map’ of remote spaces, examining the micro and macro aspects of the environments with equal vigour. under object, his moniker concerned with beat-related works, english sculpted ‘pandemic’ an album that examines the implication of rhythm and the ‘spaces between’ groove for the belgian label quatermass.

mutable landscapes artist statement