unsound04 competition winners
auf die karte

our name is a german phrase which basically means 'on the map'.

recently we were travelling through germany, among other places, and i decided it would be prudent to brush up on some simple german, especially things like 'can you show us where we are on this map please?' and other phrases to do with asking for directions and ordering food or beer.

as part of our unsound recording we sampled some old language tapes (german and mandarin in this instance). the process of distorting these samples into largely unrecognisable textures of sound reminded me that language is a slowly evolving instrument of communication. so our recording came to symbolise - at least for us - the way that words as signifiers can often become disconnected from that which was originally signified, and go on to forge new connections. i think that this is arguably a result of human inventiveness just as much as it is a result of ignorance and misuse of words.

- baron von schlüpfrig