mutable landscapes artist statements:
spbaker and alan lamb
singing wires
scott and alan have brought together their experiences of aeolian sound art on a farm 20 minutes east of wagga wagga. they have stretched steel wires up to 120 metres long between some of the huge time-carved granite boulders that form natural sculptures on the property. when the winds are blowing favourably, the wires sing an amazing repertoire. the sound is audible through the boulders as a subtle and soft choir-like hymn. the artists have also placed pickups on the wires for people to tune in to the fm transmitter to hear the finest details amplified into an immense universe of sound as great as the real world. those who want can also interact with the wires by singing through sounding boxes and by other means, and join with the wind, or if there is none, make their own unique music on this unique instrument. byo receivers (eg. walkman, transistor radio)

map reference : 1
when : SATURDAY NOV 13 11am
(bus departs romanos hotel 10:30)