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Abject Leader

Abject Leader
Cold blooded meditations,
floating upon the erratic pulse / rhythm
of hazy fields of visual and aural recollection.
What makes these fields shiver?

Abject Leader (film artist Sally Golding and sound artist Joel Stern from Brisbane Australia) investigate psychic noise structures, cinematic apparatus and expanded performance approaches using multiple 16mm projectors, handmade film, feedback systems, incongruous foley noise, instruments, sprockets and flicker, and an array of lenses and prisms.

Abject Leader performances have taken place at experimental music and film festivals in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Sally Golding is a filmmaker, projectionist and audio-visual archivist whose work moves between materialist abstractions and dreamlike narrative forms. Using 16mm technologies and photographic darkroom processes, Sally deconstructs cinematic materials and apparatus, creating unique works realised as performed projection.

Joel Stern is a sound artist who makes electro-acoustic compositions and free improvisations using field recordings, contact microphones, a sonic ray gun, a baby monitor, trumpet, silent brass, found objects, a gong, processing, feedback, rocks, keys, strobe lights, pedals, string and instruments and processes too obscure to mention.

His music has been published by prominent and obscure experimental record labels in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the USA. Joel co-runs the record label ‘naturestrip’ which specialises in publishing sound and art that incorporates environment (whether ‘industrial’ or ‘natural’) into compositional frameworks.

With film theorist Danni Zuvela, Sally and Joel co-ordinate Otherfilm, a Brisbane based film society and festival dedicated to avant-garde screenings, performances and film workshops.

Al Duvall

Al DuvallBorn June 31, 1877 in Pahrump, West Virginia,Algernon Otmer Duvall began his musical career on the vaudeville stage as end-man in Lew Dockstader’s Minstrels. He fought in a bicycle squadron in Ypres during World War I, where he received a crippling dose of the Hun’s mustard. Returning home, he made ends meet working at a sausage factory in Harrington Delaware from 1921 until 1989. He took up the banjo in 1991 as physical therapy for his pleurisy.He went on to master the alto kazoo at the age of 118. “Al” Duvall attributes his remarkable longevity to a daily dram of Hamlin’s Quinsy Balsam.

Alan Lamb

Alan LambThe original “wire music” man. Inspired in 1974 by the natural music of telegraph wires singing in the wind, he has built many a wind organ, his name for the wire installations he creates in mimicry of telegraph wires. Alan has composed a unique class of musical works known all over the world and used in conservatoriums to teach that humanity is not the only composer of music.

A difficult man to meet, he lives somewhere in the jarrah forest of Western Australia.

Alex Gawronski


Alex Gawronski is a Sydney based artist and writer. Curiously, his interest in sound has at times also intersected with his interest in locomotion (and the cinematic). Recently, he has been concerned with the political dimensions of sound and noise, perhaps most desperately in his abstracted use of recorded transcripts of Australian Parliament question time. Refusing the worn epithet ‘utopian’, Gawronski nevertheless finds it confusing why people are not encouraged to actively produce a more enlightened present and why (global political) life looks more than ever, like a train wreck.

Anthony Pateras

Anthony Pateras

Anthony Pateras is a composer/performer active within pre-meditated and intuitive creative contexts. His work is focused on expanding the organisational possibilities of sound through an exploratory approach to timbre, form and instrumental performance, drawing from a broad range of acoustic and electronic sonic materials.

Live, he appears regularly throughout Europe and Australasia on prepared piano in the Pateras/Baxter/Brown trio, on voice & electronics with Robin Fox, prepared piano solo or as a conductor of his own notated works. Additionally, he is founding member of the electroacoustic sextet Twitch, a vital redefinition of the contemporary music ensemble model.

He has released numerous albums, recording full-length releases for Tzadik, Editions Mego (with Robin Fox), Synaesthesia (with Pateras/Baxter/Brown) and Quecksilber (with Beta Erko).

As a composer, his notated music has received performances from the Dutch Radio Kammerorkest, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Flux String Quartet, Slave Pianos, percussionist Vanessa Tomlinson and the Los Angeles Philharmonic. He also composes for film. His prepared piano work featured on the François Tetaz soundtrack to the feature film Wolf Creek.

Arthur Wicks

Arthur Wicks is a printmaker, sculpture, performance artist and agent provocatuer, often appearing in his work as the Solstice Voyeur.

Bernard Cohen

Bernard Cohen Bernard won the Australian/Vogel Award in 1996 for The Blindman’s Hat, was named as one of the Sydney Morning Herald’s Best Young Australian Novelists in 1997, 1998 and 1999, and won a 2001 Arts Council of England Writer’s Award. He is participating in unsound06 as the festival’s resident blogger.

Bill Backhouse

backhouse presented as alert and was casually dressed. his eyes were situated somewhat close together but physical appearance was otherwise unremarkable. he was polite and generally appropriate in his behaviour although some idiosyncratic tendencies were noted. He was left handed. mood appeared euthymic.


bradburySydney Australia’s favourite chronically depressed, long term ‘unemployed’, alcoholic, asthmatic, homosexual electronic music pioneer,Gary Bradbury returns to Wagga Wagga for his third unsound experience.

Dave Noyze

Dave Noyze - Out of Memory

Dave Burraston AKA Dave Noyze & Bryen Telko is a generative artist, specialising in the areas of chaos, complexity, non linear systems, and mathematical curves and surfaces applied to audio and visual mediums. He has been involved in technology and electronic music since the late 70s. He turned to electronic music after studying classical piano from the age of 7. His interest in chaos and complexity began in 1985, experimenting in BASIC on a Dragon 64 computer. He worked for 19 years at BT spanning such diverse research areas as Artificial Life, Data Visualization, Spatial Audio/MIDI systems, Virtual/Augmented Realities and Environments. He has recently finished custom building a Digital Signal Processor for Richard James (Aphex Twin). He is currently working on a PhD – Generative Music and Cellular Automata. Dave is also a reviewer for the Leonardo Journal published by MIT Press.

Ernie Althoff

Ernie AlthoffErnie Althoff is a composer/performer/instrument builder/artist who has worked in Melbourne, Australia since the mid-1970s, when he bought his first vari-speed cassette recorder. During his years as one of the stalwarts of the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre, he pioneered an array of techniques for this device in the field of low-budget live electro-acoustic performance.

Justice Yeldham and the Dynamic Ribbon Device

and justice for all

Melissa Delaney

Melissa Delaneyapocolyptic art with reference to the devil, bohemia, competition winning, syncronicity, red doors,music & guitars = the band, electronic hum noir and the romantic vision

Robbie Avenaim

Robbie AvenaimBorn in Sydney in 1969, he has been performing live since the 80’s. Robbie Avenaim has gained a reputation as one of the Australia’s leading drummers and experimental sound artists. His passion is for the unconventional. He has established himself in the international community of experimental musicians and improvisers and composer. Like his peers, he takes music too much more personal and challenging realms, involving spontaneous collaborations, home built instruments and electronics.

Avenaim is also a founder and co-organiser of the What Is Music? Festival, Australia’s largest experimental and premier annual showcase of local and international experimental music. The What Is Music? festival now in its 10th year since 1994.

Some of the who’s who of experimental music Robbie has worked with:
Oren Ambarchi, John Zorn, Masonna, Solmainia, Haino Keiji, Kato Hideki, Makigami Koichi, Seichi Yamamoto, Sachiko M, PHLEGM, Tetsuya Yoshida (Ruins), Testicle Candy, Holy Mountain, Members of Hard-Ons, members of Fuckhead, Tony Buck, Jackie Orzasky’s ‘GodMothers’, Fred Frith, members of Pansonic, Dave Grohl, Mike Patton, Trey Spruance, members of Mr Bungle, David Moss, Ikue Mori, Keith Rowe (AMM), Jon Rose, Robin Fox, Anthony Pateras, Otomo Yoshihide,Chris Abrahams, Cor Fuller, Ernie Althoff, Gunter Muller, Dale Gorfinkel, Tchico Tchicaya and Passie Jo, Peter Mashasha, Sam Chagumachinyi, James Mujuru (son of Efat Mujuru), Halet Zhou, the list goes on and on…

Robin Fox

Robin Fox

Robin Fox is a Melbourne based sound artist currently working with live digital media in improvised, composed and collaborative settings. He has submitted a PhD in composition, at Monash University focussing on the development of multi-channel performance ecologies and the design of interactive electro-acoustic situations that explore the dynamic between performer, space and computer.

He also creates audio-visual works for the cathode ray oscilloscope which have been released on the dvd  ‘backscatter’ (synaesthesia records). The DVD has recently screened at the Rotterdam International Film Festival and the Mittwoschule in Berlin and live audiovisual performances have taken place across Europe in 2004, at the Netmage festival, Bologna, the Wien Modern festival, Vienna and the Transacoustic festival, Auckland in 2005. This work, in constant development, is currently being realised with a high-powered, audio controlled laser system.

He has performed with some of the world’s leading improvisers including Jon Rose, Tony Buck, Clayton Thomas (album Substation released by Room40 records 2005), Erkki Veltheim, Natasha Anderson and Sean Baxter among many others and has an ongoing collaborative duo with composer/performer Anthony Pateras. This duo is documented on Coagulate released through synaesthesia in 2003 and Flux Compendium released on eMego in 2006. He is also a member of Beta-erko, a quartet recently released on Berlin based Quecksilber label.

Fox is a regular performer and speaker at Festivals around Australia (What is Music, Liquid Architecture, Electrofringe, SOOB, NowNOW, Big Day Out) and performs regularly across Europe.

All releases available through Synaesthesia: www.synrecords.com

Rod Cooper

Rod Cooper is an instrument builder, performer and sound artist based in Melbourne.

Although I draw on inspiration from the instruments of other musical cultures,

I transform old concepts into new metallic hybrids by combining three or four essential ideas into a singular complex interface. Each instrument has a large range of sounds, incorporating percussion, bowing mechanisms resonant springs and acoustic noise.

The hollow metallic construction of my instruments creates a unique timbre. The large sound chambers and springs produce a big sound that I equate to the vast spaces of the Australian landscape.

My compositions come from the objects I build. The instrument becomes the composition.

Rod has released as album on room40 as well as making numerous self published hand made editions.

Shannon O’Neill

Shannon O’Neill makes sound, music, radio, video, text, web sites, etc. Highly active in Sydney since the early 1990s, he has worked with countless amazing people on lots of different projects.

He currently runs Alias Frequencies which promotes and publishes music and media art, works as a Lecturer in Media Arts at the University of Technology, Sydney, is completing a PhD in musicology at the University of Wollongong, and is a director of the Liquid Architecture festival in Sydney.

Singin’ Sadie

Singin' SadieSing a little ditty with Sadie, the all singing all dancing queen of the burgeoning underground show tunes scene. Her songs hark back to the war years, a simpler time, when singing prowess was often overlooked favouring instead sharp and biting lyrics centred on drinking, dancing and prostitutes long passed their used by date, sung and danced with all the skill and execution of Florence Foster Jenkins. She left her song and dance lessons at age 12 to find work in the industry ahead of her peers. In response to criticism at the time she was quoted as saying ‘They don’t know anything about music anyway’ There is little evidence that she accused anyone of being a stupid whore though. As rumour has it, after a tinkle on the bar tab she is likely to do the splits, show her underclothes more than once and high kick unsuspecting audience members in the head. Such Fun!


Sleepville utilises 80’s technology to explore the ground between pop and experimental music producing an individualistic style of electronic music.

The Von Crapp Family

The Von Crapp Family

At a time when “family values” are so important, we need to remember that psycopaths have families too. Remember the good old days when sedition was considered an important part of Australian Values?

“The Von Crapp Family proved that no musical prowess should not be a hindrance to a musical career . . . the night belonged to the Von Crapp Family. . . . . For the finale, Butler hacked apart a guitar with a pickaxe. He may have looked like a serial killer, but this was about controlled chaos.” (The Age, review of Melbourne What Is Music? ’04)

“BIZAM! All up in my grill with a confrontation with what I think were the Von crapp family who had a kid in industrial ear muffs, a mum in vocal pain, a dad in overalls and a powerdrill vs guitar and their “brother” golfing an old Apple IIe into “musical” death. I called my mum to tell her I lover her.” (Brag, rev. of Sydney ’06 What Is Music? Onathon)

Tom Ellard

animal - severed headsTom Ellard is well known as the founding member of Severed Heads, Australia pioneering electronic music group. Recently he composed the score for The Illustrated Family Doctor for which he won an ARIA in 2005.