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Email to Alan

Saturday October 21st 2006, 2:59 pm
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Saturday October 21st


Welcome to the blog. Not much to report so far, Jo and I have talked over ideas and here’s an email I sent to Alan:

G’day Alan,

I’ve enjoyed the wires you and Scott set up and made a few recordings. I have been meaning to try using samples as a kind of instrument. There’s this recording I did the night before winds of up to 124km/h swept into town. I’ve timeshifted it so one hour is played in one minute at the original pitch and mastered it a bit too: Wired at Midnight

Anyway, I’m procrastinating on some homework so I thought I’d email you about Unsound this year.

Jo and I have talked over a few ideas, the first is setting up another harp. Have you had any experience with setting up two or more harps within proximity to each other? I thought it’d be interesting to mulitply the effect and see how they work and if there are chords.

This idea evolved from one I had last time you were here about what the effect of playing the harp back on itself would be?

I was also thinking about the possibility of there not being much wind on the day and what alternatives there are to incorporating the wires into something else, like if we used it as an effect like a plate reverb. I like the way it reflects the environment of Pindari and you get the birds and trucks adding their own vibrations.

They’re the thoughts I’ve had so far. Jo suggested we should give you a call next week, is there a time that would suit you?

Trust you’re well,



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