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Tuesday October 24th 2006, 8:30 am
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Tuesday October 24th

The crow’s call is “Daaa-aaa-aaad, daaa-aaa-aaad”.

For some reason (insomnia; diseluviation), this morning I find myself standing on Croaker Street just outside the blue fibro at the Hodson Avenue end and just after dawn. I hear the call, and turn to catch sight of a handsome black avian in the act, so it appears to me, of averting its gaze.


I continue north through Turvey Park.

A proof of human irrational insight is our occasional strong capacity to sense being watched. I spin around inelegantly: the crow (I assume it’s the same one) has maintained its four metre distance from me and I would swear has just, once more, dropped its eye to a piece of irrelevant turf.

Test: I cross Blamey Street.

Confirmation: so does the bird.

I run.

My glossy companion takes flight, and lands about ten metres north of me. My suspicions rise further: I once read that the best way to tail someone is from in front.

Now what?

I turn right along Heydon, now sprinting towards the Botanical Gardens. An expensively shod fitness nut is trotting the other way, gives a misplaced collegial nod.

“The bird!” I hiss, like one of Macbeth’s desert witches.

“Yes, beautiful morning,” he replies. Idiot.

Ahead, the orange-tinged sky silhouettes a plain tree covered in what might be large, black fruit, or pods.

But as the chorus of “daaa-aaa-aaads” grows evermore insistent, these reveal themselves to be dozens of crows.

And there is momentary silence as they shuffle to allow one more to alight.

when in the regions the unsolicited greeting/nod takes a bit of getting used to.
I suppose its one of those gestures that people do routinely, and without consciously thinking about it… a bit like people asking “…how are you?” and immediately going on to say something before you’ve even had a chance to reply.
when I first moved to WW (6 years ago) after a week of reply nodding to complete strangers I eventually got really annoyed with feeling as though I was obliged to return the nod… or else the nod initiator would then proceed to disapprovingly shake their head or make a ticktick sound in judgement of me.
The nod-ees seem to be most prevalent during morning walks down the mainy
so I started walking blockies at night
and then eventually moved out of the city to a farm
= nod-less

i like the collective noun for crows:

a murder of crows

Comment by Sarah 10.26.06 @ 3:44 pm

Don’t get me started on crows. Last time I was there for Unsound, me & Gooley were supposed to use a recording of crows in our installation. What did we settle for? Ducks! Had meat left out in a paddock for an hour trying to attract crows. Stank out the car moving to another location, and eventually had to feed it to the ducks. If I ever try to include those damn crows in another installation and they refuse to cooperate, there’ll be a murder of crows all right…
This year we’re just going to do an installation about terrorism – I reckon terrorists are at least a bit more reasonable than crows.
BTW what do you think to starting a campaign to follow the lead of Wagga Wagga and get this place renamed as “Wollongong Wollongong”?

Comment by gary 10.31.06 @ 11:27 pm