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Needle in digit

Saturday November 04th 2006, 10:11 pm
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Saturday November 04th

As though in punishment for my minor role in Bingley’s cattle-shootin’ (see below or click here), I have developed a condition known as “trigger finger”. It’s not agonising, but is painful enough to wake me several times a night. Choose your phrasing carefully. (Also a swollen eye from cause or causes unknown and unassociated with any recent posts; hence not further mentioned.)


Here’s a crappy image of the effect. Click on the image for a genuine explanation on the site it was lifted from. The usually effective cure is a shot of cortisone, and Wagga Wagga Base Hospital would have provided me with such a treatment if this blog were the least bit credible, of which I am not sufficiently objective to judge.

I had the shot yesterday morning, cortisone mixed with some anaesthetic which made the finger numb and tingly, a sensation more suited to the head on a Saturday night (ie, right now). The finger has not yet shown itself to be cured, and still locks in the clenched position then clicks open – but Dr T explained it may take some few weeks to determine the efficacy of the treatment.

If the head were numb and tingly it would be considering the resonance of Wagga Wagga and Trigga Finga. Bingley is off to Europe in three days now (or, as he insists on specifying, Britain). He will miss meeting everyone at unsound06 as he phrases it, “through happenstance and deliberation.”

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