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Music of the spheres

Friday November 10th 2006, 10:54 pm
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Friday November 10th

At the Monster Trucks tonight, the long-term resident band — Wall of Walls — happily included a juggler with those whistling gyroscopes which play Ave Maria. [Note: image to follow, and for all those there, please post your own images.] Despite some uneven amplification (resulting in, at times, an excess of harmonics), WoW’s driving bass rhythm really got us all revved (assisted by huge quantities of the Beer Formerly Known as DogBait). WoW were well-supported by cosy a cappella from King’s College Cambridge.

The light show was marvellous too, a result of the application of letratone and letraset onto clear film. For some reason I was reminded of the joke about how Native Americans got their names (when they were still called Indians (ie, even before the term Amerindians passed in and out of use)).

As for the trucks: disappointing, especially compared with the Gundagai meet last week. Much had been made of the Wagga Wagga debut of GM’s Rockwell 2 1/5 ton top-loader axles, now combined for the first time with hydraulically dampened traction bar suspension. To me, this dampened velocity and did nothing for traction. My companion, usually of gentler critical intensity than I am, went so far as to say, “I’ve seen wilder moves by SUVs in the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.”

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