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Unsound statistics

Saturday November 11th 2006, 3:27 pm
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Saturday November 11th

T-shirts or outer/upper-wear by colour
Black/olive (inc camouflage) 62%
Blue (including navy)/grey 12%
Floral/”rainbow” 8%
red/pink 11%
white 4%
industrial or safety wear (either as regulated or for effect) 2%
other 4%
Note: because of rounding, these figures may not add up to 100%

Participant size
XL/XXL 18% (national average 13%)
L 22% (14%)
M 29% (45%)
S 20% (20%)
XS 11% (8%)

Average volume (ie, sound not capacity) 28dB

Average volume except during performance 8dB (NOTE: includes sleep time)

Psychological well-being by activity
Smiling 19%
Concentrating 71%
Fidgeting 16%
Drinking [statistic auto-removed by site-controller]
Photographing (including video) 27%
Photographing others taking photographs (or video) 14% (over time)
Performing 1-12% (over time)
Reporting or composing 8%
Dancing 2%

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