wagga space program


loco: from a place + motives: causing motion

loco-motivus first class

The definition of Loco-motivus is an underlying philosophy for the unsound06 project.

  1. driving or pulling force; an impetus;
  2. Serving to put into motion or propel forward;
  3. Able to move independently from place to place.

Loco Motivus will take place on Saturday 11th November and involve eight historic train carriages journeying from daytime to nightfall through the Riverina landscape. Prior to the unsound festival selected artists will spend a week in residence at the Junee Railway Workshop (home of the southern hemisphere’s largest working industrial turntable) where they will devise a sound based installations for presentation during the unsound weekend. Referencing mutable physical, textual, visual and sonic landscape(s) of the Riverina region Loco Motivus will not act just as a mode of transport moving audiences through the landscape, but it will also be a mobile site for performances and installations, such as (but not limited to): theatrical performance, surround sound scapes, home made instruments, film screenings and visual arts.